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VITA Contract Number: VA-160926-HPEN
Contract Title: Mainframe Services
Supplier: Peraton State & Local Inc
12975 Worldgate Drive
Herndon, Virginia 20170
Contract End Date: 6/2/2024
Remaining Renewals: None
Authorized Users: Except for telecommunications contracts, means all public bodies, including VITA, as defined by §2.2-4301 and referenced by §2.2-4304 and §2.2-2012 of the Code of Virginia. Authorized Users shall include private institutions of higher education that are listed at: http://www.cicv.org/Our-Colleges/Profiles.aspx.
External Pricing URL:
E-Rate/ECF Eligible: No
E-Rate SPIN Number:
E-Rate FCC 470 Number:
E-Rate Category 1: No
E-Rate Category 2: No
E-Rate Allowable Contract Date:
VITA Contact: Daniels, Maureen
(804) 968-0103
Contract Supplier Contacts
For the contract scope refer to the scope statement below. Listed below are public documents related to this contract. For further information regarding this contract, please contact the Sourcing Specialist at the telephone number or email address above.
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Attachment H Mandatory_IRS_Pub_1075_for_FTI_data-1.pdf
CO # 2 Attachment H Mandatory_IRS_Pub_1075_for_FTI_data.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN 00 Mainframe MSA CO14.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN 02.5 Exhibit- Implementation Milestones CO14.xlsx
VA-160926-HPEN 03.1 Exhibit-Service Level Matrix - FC20210810.xlsx
VA-160926-HPEN 03.3 Exhibit-Critical Deliverables - FC20210810.docx
VA-160926-HPEN 03.4 Exhibit-Reports Matrix_CO16.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN 04.0 Exhibit-Pricing and Financial Provisions_CO11.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN 05.1 Exhibit-Key Personnel CO14.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 1 (CO1) - 2017-05-31.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 10 (CO10) - 2020-05-15.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 11 (CO11) - 2020-09-11.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 12 (CO12) - 2021-06-23.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 13 (CO13) - 2021-10-26.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 14 (CO14) - 2022-06-24.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 15 (CO15) - 2022-07-12.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 16 (CO16) - 2022-08-10.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 2 (CO2) - 2018-07-17.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 3 (CO3) - 2018-08-03.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 4 (CO4) - 2019-04-09.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 5 (CO5) - 2019-04-24.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 6 (CO6) - 2019-06-25.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 7 (CO7) - 2019-10-01.pdf
VA-160926-HPEN Change Order 8 (CO8) - 2020-01-15.pdf

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