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VITA Contract Number: VA-180815-UC
Contract Title: Server, Storage and Data Center Services
Supplier: Unisys Corporation
801 Lakeview Drive
Suite 100
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422
Contract End Date: 11/30/2024
Remaining Renewals: 2 2-Year
Authorized Users: VITA
External Pricing URL:
E-Rate/ECF Eligible: No
E-Rate SPIN Number:
E-Rate FCC 470 Number:
E-Rate Category 1:
E-Rate Category 2:
E-Rate Allowable Contract Date:
VITA Contact: Daniels, Maureen
(804) 968-0103
Contract Supplier Contacts
For the contract scope refer to the scope statement below. Listed below are public documents related to this contract. For further information regarding this contract, please contact the Sourcing Specialist at the telephone number or email address above.
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VA-180815-UC 00 MSA (Servers, Storage and Data Centers) - Mod 18.pdf
VA-180815-UC 01 Exh (Integrated Services Platform).pdf
VA-180815-UC 01.1 Exh (Definitions) - Mod 14.pdf
VA-180815-UC 01.2 Exh (Governance Framework).pdf
VA-180815-UC 01.3 Exh (Service Management Manual Outline).pdf
VA-180815-UC 01.4 Exh (Operating Level Agreement Outline).pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.0 Exh (Description of Services and Solution).pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.1 Exh (Description of Services) - Modification 23.pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.2 Exh (Description of Services - Cross Functional).pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.3 Exh (Solution).pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.3.1 Exh (Solution -Server Storage Data Center) - Mod 15 - REDACTED.pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.3.1 Exh (Solution Server Storage Data Center) Modification 23.pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.3.2 Exh (Solution - Cross Functional).pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.4 Exh (Implementation Plan).pdf
VA-180815-UC 02.4.1 Exh (Implementation Milestones) - Mod 6.xlsx
VA-180815-UC 02.4.2 Exh (Primary Data Center Migration Milestones) - Mod 6.xlsx
VA-180815-UC 02.4.3 Exh (Secondary Data Center Milestones) - Mod 15.xlsx
VA-180815-UC 02.5 Exh (Transition Out Plan).pdf
VA-180815-UC 03.0 Exh (Reporting and Service Level Management) - Mod 22.pdf
VA-180815-UC 03.1 Exh (Service Level Matrix).xlsx
VA-180815-UC 03.2 (Service Level Definition and Measurement).pdf
VA-180815-UC 03.3 Exh (Critical Deliverables) - FC20210810.pdf
VA-180815-UC 03.3 Exh (Critical Deliverables) - Mod 22.pdf
VA-180815-UC 03.4 Exh (Report Matrix) - Mod 24.pdf
VA-180815-UC 03.5 Exh (Customer Satisfaction).pdf

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